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Tack up with Astrid Muller

By May 26, 2016Blog

Show Jumping is known to be the most popular of equestrian sports. It demonstrates skill of both horse and rider. The horse and rider combination are required to jump over obstacles within an arena, often being very tricky and testing their ability, concentration and determination. A sport that tests true horsemanship. We recently spoke to Open Show Jumper, Astrid Muller about her passion and dedication to the sport.

CV: When did you start riding? 

Astrid: I started riding at the age of 3.

CV: What sparked your interest in show jumping?

Astrid: I’ve always competed in the discipline that is best suited to my horse at the time. Generally my horses have always been better at show jumping than eventing or dressage. My love for show jumping comes from two aspects: the simplicity – if you knock a jump you are penalised and the technicalities:  placing your horse correctly into the jump to ensure they can clear it.

CV: What makes a good show-jumping horse?

Astrid: I think a good show jumper is a horse who is a quick thinker and has athletic ability. The horse doesn’t even need to be that bold as I also want the horse to be careful. The key is that the horse needs to be supple and fast to respond to aids, voice and leg.

CV: Does your family share your love of horses?

Astrid: Yes, my sister Tamsyn competes in 1,35m classes in JHB.  My mom, Joan is my biggest supporter she also helps a great deal with my horses.

CV: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Astrid:  It has to be competing in France. I was privileged to be able to ride an amazing mare. With the help of her trainer I managed to win the class. They even played the South African national anthem.

CV: How many horses do you currently have in training?

Astrid: I have 3 horses in training currently. Samba is my top horse at the moment, we compete in 1,30m classes. Dream boy and I compete in the 1,20m classes and then my youngest horse is Connor. He is still learning the basics and has not yet started his competitive show jumping career.

CV: What is your secret to success?

Astrid: My secret to success is discipline. The more you practice and the more time spent with your horse the better you will know each other and develop a great partnership

CV: What is your next competitive goal?

Astrid: To compete at the SA Adult Derby.

CV: What’s your training schedule like?

Astrid: My horses get one day off during the week. Two fitness sessions where we go down to Noordhoek beach, the ground is really nice there. One dressage lesson and one jumping lesson a week. One day of light pole work or a hack and then of course show day.

CV: How do you make sure your horses in top condition?

Astrid: Being sponsored by GCS-MAX is a great help, all of my horses and dogs are on this joint supplement. Joint care is critical to ensure that my horses have a long and successful show jumping career. I work closely with my vet to ensure my horses are kept in top condition.

CV: What do you look for in a joint supplements product?

Astrid: I want to know that the supplement my horses are given has been endorsed or recommended by my vet.

Cipla Vet is proud to sponsor Astrid and her horses with GCS-MAX. We look forward to many more successful competitive years ahead.