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Tips About Pet Sitting – Ensuring That All Members Of The Family Have A Great Holiday

By November 16, 2016Blog

Going away at the end of the year for a much needed break? Sometimes taking your pets with you is just not an option, so what do you do? Getting a pet sitter is often the best solution for you and your pets. If you’re considering a pet sitter for the first time, read our top tips on the subject to ensure a good holiday break for the whole family.

Top tips for getting a pet sitter:

  1. Choose the right person as your pet sitter: always choose someone with reliable references to watch your beloved animals. Check with your vet, local pet forum, animal behaviourist or doggy day care for recommendations; or ask trusted family or friends for their recommendations. Make sure that you and your pet meet the person in your pet’s home environment. You will soon be able to tell if your pet trusts and likes the person. Do they relate to your pet in a similar way to you? You should feel comfortable to have this person in your home. It’s also not a good idea to choose a pet sitter who your dog feels nervous of or anxious around. The person should be calm, kind and conscious of your pet’s routine.
  2. Ideally, see if the pet sitter can stay at your home so that your pet’s routine can be as close to normal as possible with the same bed, the same sleeping spot and the same walking routes. This is a simple way to try and limit separation anxiety from you as much as you can.
  3. Make your expectations very clear: if your dog is used to a daily walk, ask the sitter if he/she feels comfortable continuing to do this. Discuss your pet’s feeding routine, bathroom habits, treat regime and system of discipline. It’s a good idea to write down this list and leave it behind for the sitter to refer back to. Trying to maintain as much of your pet’s routine as possible will help to relieve anxiety on your pet’s behalf. In addition, outline if you wish to be kept regularly updated or not.
  4. Leave a list of any very important details that the pet sitter should be aware of including any allergies that your pet has, Vet contact details and address, the closest 24 hour emergency animal hospital, vet records card and an alternative emergency contact in the event that you can’t be reached.
  5. For pets that are easily stressed try a supplement like CalmEze. CalmEze is a nutritional aid for stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. It is an all-natural supplement that promotes relaxation and stimulates a sense of wellbeing to help pets cope during bouts of stress. Start giving CalmEze to your pets before you leave, and ask your pet sitter to continue while you are away.


So relax and enjoy your holiday – you’ve done all you can to ensure that your pet is well cared for in your absence!