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67 Minutes for Mandela Day

By August 8, 2014Company News

Preparing for Mandela Day, I felt at heart to go out and make a difference at an Animal Institution. Not only due to my extreme passion for animals, but my personal feel that, Animal Institutions rarely receive donations or financial support and need it so desperately! Woodrock Pet Rescue was my Rescue Centre of choice.

With dog treats food in mind, the idea arise to involve Cipla Vet out of a Marketing Perspective. So I made a phone call to Elizma with my proposal. I was beyond ecstatic when she offered to send me sample stock!!(Triworm to deworm the dogs & Fiprotec for Flea&Tick treatment). Enough to treat all 150 dogs!!This is beyond awesomeness….


I phoned Woodrock to inform them about our surprise!!Estelle the owner, firstly shouted out of excitement after that she burst into tears!!She shared the following “On her table while speaking is a quotation to deworm their Woodrockers. The total is R3500.00 and at this stage there is not sufficient funds to cover this expense”. And here come this miracle call to solve this dilemma!! (I had Goosebumps!!)


Impressive to me was: upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the staff of Woodrock.The premise is neat, clean and in superior condition! Our opportunity to interact with the dogs, and treat them with our biscuit selection, noticeable was that these Woodrockers receive endless love, attention and extra care!

Spoilt with Marie biscuits in the morning and their cooked meals from their meat sponsor Makro at 17:00 for all 150 dogs!

Woodrock was so grateful for our generous gesture, that they even posted our photos on their Facebook page together with a thanking note (see attached). Visiting the CiplaVet stand at the WODAC Expo over the weekend, Elizma informed me that they came and thanked her in person at the Expo for her sample contribution.


Many thanks to you & Charne for sharing in this unbelievable moment reaching out to Woodrock. Once again a big thank you to Elizma & Michelle for assisting us to make this donation possible! Looking forward to our next surprise!!

Warm Regards