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Interview with Inge Silen

By November 14, 2016Blog

Inge Silen is one of our GCS-MAX sponsored riders. She is a Cape Town based show jumper and event rider who was also long- listed for the 2012 Olympic Games for eventing. We chatted to her about her love for horses.

CV: When and where did you start riding?

Inge: I first started riding when I was 8 years old at Sunbird, a small trail riding school in Noordhoek.

CV: Does your family share your love of horses?

Inge: Whilst my parents do not share my love for horses specifically, they are animal lovers in general and enjoy spending time outdoors. However, my husband, Brendan does share my passion for horses. He is an FEI course builder, competitive rider and riding coach.

CV: What is your “day job”?

Inge: I manage the day-to-day running of our livery yard, Broadlands Equestrian Centre and coach riding.

CV: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Inge: My highlight has to be being placed on the longlist for 2012 Olympics for Eventing! I have also represented the Western Province Eventing Team 14 times and have placed 3rd in the South African Eventing Championship. In addition, I have won the Natal and Eastern Cape Eventing Championships.

CV: What is your secret to success?

Inge: I would say consistent schooling: a regular training schedule is very important as well as ensuring that the horse has the best possible care.

CV: What do you believe makes a good event horse?

Inge: I believe a good event horse needs to be bold in character; have good athletic ability; is strong, sound, and well-schooled. This can be achieved with good care, training and the correct breeding.

CV: How many horses do you currently have in training?

Inge: Currently, 6 of our own horses and 4 clients’ horses in training.

CV: What’s your training schedule like?

Inge: Our horses work 6 days a week, occasionally they go out for a light outride on the 7th day. My schedule always include a mix of schooling on the lunge, flatwork, jumping, fitness and outrides.

CV: How do you make sure that your horses stay in top condition?

Inge: I maintain a consistent training schedule, a balanced feeding programme and I ensure that I use good quality supplements which allows for the horses to maintain a high level of work without getting stiff or sore.

CV: What do you look for supplements?

Inge: Supplements must have proven results. They should make the horses feel and perform to the best of their ability. GCS- MAX has consistently been proven to work in our horses – they seldom miss a day of training or competition regardless of their age or level.

Cipla Vet is proud to sponsor Inge Silen and her horses with GCS-MAX.

Photo credit: Carrie Grant Photography